Push The Lane! Fan Art Contest!

Today I'm starting a Push the Lane Fan Art contest! It will run from right now, until the morning of May 2. There will be prizes involved! Here's how you can participate: Step 1: Make some Push the Lane fan art by May 2 at 9:00 AM EST. To learn more about the characters, go to the Characters section of the Kickstarter page. Choose one of the five shown characters on that page and make some fan art of them! (You may make multiple submissions.) [caption id="attachment_2400" align="aligncenter" width="256"] The first-ever PTL fan art, by HappySnakeGames! <3[/caption] Step 2: Post your fan art to social media! Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr, or whatever you use, as long as it's public. Use the hashtag #ptlfanart. Step 3: Let me know about it. You can message me on Kickstarter, or email me at keithburgun@gmail.com, or @ Push the Lane on Twitter (@pushthelane). [caption id="attachment_2395" align="aligncenter" width="402"] T-shirt. Available in various styles, sizes, and colors. From Redbubble.[/caption] Voting will begin at 9:00 AM EST and go until mid-day the next day.

First Place Prize!

Runner Up!

  • A $10 Steam Gift Card
  • I will draw fan art of YOU!
This will be going on from now until next Wednesday, so get drawing! I look forward to your entries. See you on the Kickstarter page!      

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Push the Lane Kickstarter is HERE!

Woof! Putting together a Kickstarter is so much work. And then when you actually put it up, the work doesn't end, because you have to keep in touch with all your backers and try to get the word out about the Kickstarter somehow. Anyway, the Kickstarter is finally up! Please check it out, if you haven't yet. If you can back, backing early really helps. If you can't, spreading the word also helps. I have a lot of cool events and things planned for this Kickstarter. It is a lot of work, but it's also a lot of fun, and so far, it's going decently well. We made about 10% of our goal in the first three hours, and it's still rising. Here's hoping we get some press or something somehow! Thanks for reading, and thanks for your support. If you're wondering about non-Push-The-Lane stuff, here's other things which are upcoming:

  • I wrote the music to this game—check it out! It's coming soon to iOS and Steam.
  • A new article is in the works. Actually I have two, but I should make time to finish one in the next few days.
  • A new podcast episode is also coming soon. Probably a no-guest episode next - let me know if you have questions or anything you'd like me to address.
  • A new Hitscan episode is coming soon as well; it's been in the works for awhile. I also might have some guest Hitscan episodes.
  • Alakaram is still going! Some big updates on that coming soon (check Dinofarm's website for that).
Thanks again everyone!

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