New video series: HITSCAN – pop culture media analysis

I’ve been talking for awhile about how I’ve been working on a new pop culture media analysis show. It has taken me a long time to figure out what the direction for it would be, but the good news is I have my first video (and a short intro video) up already. I also have 80% of the next video ready to go, and I’ll try to get it going really soon.

And here is Episode 1! Enjoy.

  • Jake Forbes

    Congratulations on the new series! I’ve only watched the first episode so far but I’ll be sure to check out the next soon. Initial thoughts:

    The Good
    * Defining a trend/trope and illustrating how it is abused, thereby helping the viewer to improve their critical vocabulary, or at least be on the lookout for lazy screenwriting
    * Production values – well edited and a nice intro. Audio is always clear (except for when its mumbling you are pointing out :P)

    The Bad
    * Calling out “so-and-so would never say/do that” — more often than not, this is highly subjective, and broadly speaking is a bogus criteria for storytelling. Does a character violate the internal consistency of the narrative world might be a better critique. Those moments in this episode come off as the most amateurish and hipster.
    * debuting with in-depth analysis of a single show and ending the episode saying you didn’t finish and don’t care to. The audience of TV criticism appreciates arcs and the ups and down of a series — not that you should have to cater to that, but I’m guessing this will make it harder to connect to an audience. Once you have regular cadence, it makes total sense to take a quick look at a popular series that you have no intention of completing, but as a debut, it leaves a sour impression that undercuts your authority in the chosen subject.