CGD Podcast Episode 28: Responsible Theming for Competitive Games

toxicactor We obviously don't want people to be jerks when we play games with them. But to what degree is our game itself kind of being a jerk? To what extent are our competitive games advocating players to be as toxic as possible? And what alternatives do we have to the traditional D&D / war-game based tropes that we rely on? This podcast episode is sort of a follow-up to my article, "Beyond the Pentakill", so I'd recommend reading that as well. Enjoy! I also mentioned Jackson Katz and Jonathan McIntosh in the episode, both of which are people you should check out. (By the way - I might have said "Draven" in the podcast when I meant to say "Darius". I often confuse their names, sorry about that!) (Edit! I also mentioned that I talked about single player being ideal for game design - turns out I also wrote an article on that and forgot about it somehow, haha.) To support the show, please visit my Patreon page!

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