Interview with Tadhg Kelly

You probably already know Tadhg Kelly, as he’s one of game design’s most prolific writers. He writes for TechCrunch, as well as his own blog at In this interview I ask him about why there has been a falling off of game design writing over the past few years, including an interesting point about the role #GamerGate may have played.

We also talk about his new book that he’s been working on, as well as my concerns about VR/AR, both of which he writes about a lot. It was a great interview, and I hope you enjoy it!

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I also mentioned in the podcast that there is a Kickstarter running for Push the Lane. If you haven’t checked that already, please do!

Sneaky, Abusive Sentence Starters

When we write, we should try to be as clear, concise, and direct as possible. This goes for any kind of writing, whether you’re writing a tweet, an instant message, an essay, or a book.

There is a temptation, especially when you’re trying to convince a reader of a position, to insert sneaky, “cheap” tactics words and phrases into your language. Today I want to discuss a few sneaky and abusive writing techniques which have wormed their way into the vernacular of many of us. Continue reading