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  1. BrickRoadDX

    My concept for a Slay-The-Spire-like

    Sounds like you're on the right track to me!
  2. BrickRoadDX

    Party-Based Open-Handed Fixed-Deck Grid-Based Competitive Card Game

    A little hard for me to follow in words. Map looks cool/interesting to me :) Need to see it in action to "get it" I think. I'm rooting for you my man.
  3. BrickRoadDX

    My concept for a Slay-The-Spire-like

    Downloaded and played your prototype! I think there is a lot of promise here. There aren't enough cards yet (obviously) but I think with a bunch more and a bunch more enemy types you can get a reasonable amount of complexity going. It might just be the lack of content, but I feel like sets...
  4. BrickRoadDX

    Single player Elo - propose your ideal version

    What about big chunky ranks + winstreak 3 being a rank up and no deranks as the simplest implementation of that idea @vivafringe Also, thinking about this more, one problem I have with playing 1p ladder games (and ranked multiplayer games) sometimes is that it can feel like when I come back to...
  5. BrickRoadDX

    Design from the ground up.

    Can you expand a little on "R, P and S can represent low level strategies which consist of three parts, two parts are shared with other strategies. I got lost in your example here.
  6. BrickRoadDX

    GBDC May 15: Nominatee a new non-community game

    Eternal Card Game. Yomi (steam). Puzzle Strike (steam).
  7. BrickRoadDX

    GDBC May '18: Solar Settlers and Gwent

    Moving tiles around seems like a cool race theme! I do like the permanent consequences part of it in standard play though. Gotta have some consequences. I think with a lot of experience, you have or can get enough of the relevant info you might need for placement, and then take calculated risks...
  8. BrickRoadDX

    GDBC May '18: Solar Settlers and Gwent

    Duelyst is a contenter imo! (I haven't played in a while though so dunno if it's gotten worse)
  9. BrickRoadDX

    GDBC May '18: Solar Settlers and Gwent

    The original design intent was actually that you're settling throughout the game as a way to reduce oxygen burden (and then theres a push pull between that and having the extra actions. It doesn't pan out that way for everybody in the base game, but hardcore mode and some of the later designed...
  10. BrickRoadDX

    GDBC May '18: Solar Settlers and Gwent

    My gwent experience so far 1) no tutorial 2) destroyed my encoder for the stream 3) how do i choose a deck? I guess I will watch some videos and try to get back at it? I was hoping to stream :(
  11. BrickRoadDX

    Happy Snake awesome art thread

    What the! Coral reef?!
  12. BrickRoadDX

    GDBC May 2018 Nominations & Discussion Thread

    Yeah I think this is best. Easier to express a more nuanced opinion/liking multiple things.
  13. BrickRoadDX

    GDBC May 2018 Nominations & Discussion Thread

    Older game: -Spectromancer Cheaty Game (not old enough but I wanna play): -Gwent Community Game: -100 Rogues
  14. BrickRoadDX

    What is Escape the Omnochronom? A super-preliminary post

    My most anticipated game for 2018! And Artifact is coming out this year!
  15. BrickRoadDX

    WHAT NEXT? Works pretty good. 7.5/10
  16. BrickRoadDX


    Wooo! GO SNAKE GO! It's a little tough for me to get a grip on what's going on, but obviously I haven't done a tutorial, and the game is still very abstract! Love the win 2/lose 2 idea. Seems great.
  17. BrickRoadDX

    Dice Game (Coral Reef!)

    You are truly the most positive snake! I'm definitely playing with your "hiding" when too many enemies appear idea. Super thematic way to thing about dice in hand vs on the board. Love it.
  18. BrickRoadDX

    Dice Game (Coral Reef!)

    Lots more info about this on BrainGoodBreakfast (especially episodes #5 and #6!)
  19. BrickRoadDX

    Hex Gambit (the new game from One Man Left)

    Haven't yet but curious! Could never get past the async multiplayer in their last game. I CAN'T WAIT ALL DAY FOR A NEW TURN!!