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    Party-Based Open-Handed Fixed-Deck Grid-Based Competitive Card Game

    new update! we have a new character in the TTS prototype now: Bottatris, the mad scientist! obligatory link to the prototype. Bottatris' "gimmick" is basically that she controls a bunch of robots, who are targets with their own HP and useful end of turn effects. half of Bottatris' deck is the...
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    Party-Based Open-Handed Fixed-Deck Grid-Based Competitive Card Game

    alright, long-overdue new update, partially due to the work being harder than expected, mostly due to me being lazy. first of all, big news: we have a prototype (on tabletop simulator)! (note: there's no art yet, at all) here's a link, it even has a rule-book! it's obviously not good yet, it's...
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    Collecting opinions! Honest ones only!

    in my experience, if a player can get an advantage, they either will (no matter how boring or annoying it is to do so), or they'll be annoyed that they're at a disadvantage for not tracking that stuff, so it's probably best to either make calculation very difficult (granted, that will only...
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    Sept 1 Community Game Nomination Thread

    i'll just nominate ETO again. i want to play it more, but i've been too lazy to.
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    August 15th (er 16th) Non-Community Game Nominations

    i'll re-nominate Star Realms from last time. i think there's a lot we could learn from it that would be applicable to the types of games we're making.
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    August 1st-30th community game nomination thread

    nominate your games! (provided it's nominate-able,) i'll nominate Escape the Omnochronom from @keithburgun
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    My concept for a Slay-The-Spire-like

    i tried it, and i think i like it! there's obviously a lot of room to improve from this early prototype, but i have a question about the way you're handling score (with it being equal to how much gold you got): isn't this just a post-hoc (i think i'm using that phrase correctly) score system...
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    July 15th (er 18th) Non-Community Game Nominations

    i'll nominate Star Realms. you can try it for free on steam, i've already played a decent amount vs. AI and it seems pretty good, it actually seems to kind of use the strategic triangle, but in a way that might be bad? like, it can lead to these "i counter you" situations? idk, probably...
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    Party-Based Open-Handed Fixed-Deck Grid-Based Competitive Card Game

    @keithburgun there is no local hidden information (i.e. information one player knows but the other doesn't), but the decks characters draw from at the end of their turn is face-down, so a new piece of information is revealed every turn (the new card they draw) unless the character is...
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    Party-Based Open-Handed Fixed-Deck Grid-Based Competitive Card Game

    alright, so a lot of cool stuff related to this project happened around the same time, so time for a big update! feel free to take it one paragraph at a time if you need to! first of all, some systemic stuff: fatigue damage now is equal to the current round, with the average character health...
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    Jelly Bomber Beta 0.001

    so i tried the jelly bomber beta, and immediately have some criticisms (most of which are also applicable to dr. mario, to be fair): 1. it seems very sensitive to input errors. i think it's obvious why this is bad for a strategy game. (this is a strategy game, right?) 2. the time dynamics seem...
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    Cinco Paus Discussion (June 15 - July 15 GDBC game)

    let's discuss Cinco Paus! i've already played a little, so i'll start with my first impression: Honesty, i'm not really liking it so far, and i think it comes down to 3 reasons: 1. the loss condition feels too... "fragile" or "sensitive", i guess. it seems like you can go from "doing really...
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    Crimson Company - A Board-Drafting Game

    so i've played some more of the game, and the big thing i've noticed is that cards which interact with lanes are far worse when there's only 1 lane, and i think that's problematic. what if there were 4 or 5 lanes, but you still won upon getting 2? i don't know if that solution necessarily works...
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    GBDC June 1st Nominations

    i don't think Crimson Company has been technically, officially nominated yet, so i may as well do it myself. i've really enjoyed what i've played so far, and want to play more as well as give everyone else a reason to check it out.
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    Crimson Company - A Board-Drafting Game

    i got a chance to play a couple matches with my parents, and it was really fun! overall, i liked it a lot and it felt like there was a very high skill ceiling, the only specific feedback i could give is maybe have slightly more flip effects? just slightly more, i don't want everything to become...
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    Pick a "best strategy game" that exists right now

    i'm going to say Sentinels of the Multiverse*. (* if you're using fan-made content, and if you're playing solo, and if you can actually find a balanced match-up past the game's huge balance issues, and if you can get past the moments when the villain plays the 1 card that screws up your plan or...
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    Party-Based Open-Handed Fixed-Deck Grid-Based Competitive Card Game

    the basis which the game was built off of was "sentinels of the multiverse" (particularly played solo), because 1: it was the one game that held my attention the longest by far (~6 months in comparison to the average of ~1-2 weeks), and 2: the game was horribly flawed in SO MANY ways! most of...
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    Party-Based Open-Handed Fixed-Deck Grid-Based Competitive Card Game

    @richy i can't tell if your first line is sarcastic or not? as to the rest of your post, i'm aiming for ~21 characters (may fluctuate), but each individual card should be pretty simple, some even identical (your basic "deal some damage" "regain some hp" "draw some cards" ect.), so i'm not really...
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    Party-Based Open-Handed Fixed-Deck Grid-Based Competitive Card Game

    Hello. i'm a young, new designer currently working on an unnamed game i thought i'd tell you all about; it has 2 main "gimmicks": 1: both of the 2 competing players control 5 characters each, and 2: each of those characters have their own hands of cards, but everyone can see all of them. (also...