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  1. keithburgun

    Keith's game design articles

    Here's a thread for my game design articles as I write them (unless I have one of these already somewhere?) Four design lessons that were really obvious to everyone but me:
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    0.9 Patch Notes!

    0.9 patch notes - Wisps' range reduced by 1 - Wisps' magic resist nerfed - No more unlocks (for now). All content is unlocked. - Cards system disabled (for now). We just don't have the budget/resources to give this system the love it needs. Also, it's sort of vestigial from when ETO was going...
  3. keithburgun

    the case for rampant asymmetry

    Good chats y'all! I agree that games that are popular clearly "work" in some way. I think that it's important to remember that my theory, while I do think it's true, it's true within a certain, somewhat limited range of aesthetic values. So, my point about Total War is totally true, I think...
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    Version 0.8 Patch Notes!
  5. keithburgun

    The Clockwork Game Design Podcast

    A conversation with Jason Rohrer:
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    Collecting opinions! Honest ones only!

    Is that all that happened? Let me know if they disappear-disappear, like they're not on the minimap anymore or something.
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    Crimson Company - A Board-Drafting Game

    WOO! I can't wait to get my copy. I'll post some stuff when I get it. I will also force my housemate to play with me! :D
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    Collecting opinions! Honest ones only!

    No you're probably right, it's probably some bug though!
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    Collecting opinions! Honest ones only!

    "Electrical fruit machine", amazing! Great feedback, thank you so much @BiggJobag ! I probably will get rid of it for the next version, that's a good call. The ninja disappears??? This sounds like a bug. I like the idea that he maybe escapes and comes back, but he shouldn't permanently...
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    Proposed (BIG) changes for Version 0.7

    Check these changes out. If you have any questions leave me a comment below!
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    the case for output randomness

    Yeah, let us know!
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    Update thread!

    If you find that several things start acting up at once, it probably means that the game has actually crashed. Yeahhhh haha. I've known about this one awhile. Need to replace that dropped minion with a Defender Minion (who can't capture stuff). Sidelanes are basically just more resources -...
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    Update thread!

    I'll try to ping this thread when a new update goes up. Hey, a new update is up! 0.6. Here's the patch notes!:
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    Collecting opinions! Honest ones only!

    So yeah the latest version is way too hard. Next version will have: - more powerful abilities - more of a curve in terms of the mob size, as bky suggests - several new items Quick Play has the cards turned off, try that out. It is just harder though because of it, no re-tuning really. Any...
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    the case for output randomness

    Woo! Are we gonna get to hear more about this game at some point soon?
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    Jelly Bomber guide

    There's a guide for Jelly Bomber up on Steam, here:
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    Jelly Bomber is out on STEAM!

    Here's our announcement post!
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    the case for output randomness

    There are a lot of systems which need output randomness to work. XCom wouldn't really work without the output randomness. It's possible that the game you're working on now requires output randomness also. My claim has never been that "no systems need output randomness", but rather that "we...
  19. keithburgun

    Octopath Traveller and Hollow Knight reactions

    Ya. I dunno, I'm of two minds about this. On the one hand, you're absolutely right - the opening isn't like the rest of the game in almost any game. On the other hand, though... I know that, and I'm kind of factoring that in. Like we've played enough games in general that we can extrapolate out...