A Game About Prime Factors

Hi everyone,
My partner and I have been making this educational video game about multiplying and factoring primes (and eventually GCFs and LCMs, and maybe exponents/logarithms/variables), and it's less of a prototype and more like an early beta at this point. The current name is "FactorCraft", but that isn't final. Any discussion and feedback would be excellent, about the game or even educational game design in general. And if you know any middle school students who are interested in a fresh perspective on multiplication and factoring, this game is for them!
Here are links for the Windows and Android versions. [edit: To see what later levels are like, you can enter a level without unlocking by first tapping the "DEBUG" button. Level 20 is a bit tricky]
Composite Forge (Low-Def).png
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As a bit of a side note, I'm considering expanding this "property" a bit for promotional purposes, and making a more traditional and/or tactical game... I'm thinking maybe a Tower Defense game (I know, overdone) where you can pay any amount of gold to upgrade a tower, and then get upgrades based on the factors of that number. For instance, paying 26g gives you the "13" (curse) and "2" (speed boost) upgrade, while paying 24g gives you the "3" (range) upgrade and three "2" upgrades (triple speed boost).