August 15th (er 16th) Non-Community Game Nominations


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It's that time of the month again, let's post some nominations for Non-Community Games you want to play and discuss this month!

I will nomination Death's Gambit, an Action-RPG simplay type experience that I've been semi-interested in and need an excuse to play.

and I guess Pyre because I think we're supposed to nominate that every month and we forgot to last month.


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I nominate Mighty Flip Champs. A puzzler about traveling through 2D representations of looping 3D space. Light execution (you can speedrun levels for S ranks).
i'll re-nominate Star Realms from last time. i think there's a lot we could learn from it that would be applicable to the types of games we're making.
I'd like to suggest Coin Crypt. It's a deckbuilding-rougelite-hybrid that does a lot of things very differently from other games in that genre.

Also look at my, I got a shiny forum account now :)