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Hey everyone! We have a beta version available for you to try. But first please know these things:

- The goal of the game is to push the top lane all the way up (get one of your Key Minions to touch the top lane door). But doing this directly would be hard because you'd unlock so many powerful Guardian monsters.
- Game balance is like... not even close to there yet.
- The forest is basically empty right now, I would just ignore it for the time being.
- Guardians still need to be replaced, although some of their abilities will be the same. They'll be fully animated.
- There are a few visual bugs with tiles appearing above the player and such.
- We need to add at least 2-3 more item types and 2-3 more active card types for these systems to feel really usable (later, hopefully 10-20 more types of each)
- The "wild monsters", the ones that spawn randomly, are not quite there yet and one type is still missing
- The temple zone, the white zone, will have kind of a maze-like quality to it and some random treasures
- The tutorial needs to be expanded upon and playtested.
- Please play Custom games at different levels, with different characters, and try making different decks and let us know what you think.
- Obviously there is no sound and music yet. That's coming real soon!

Hmm... I think that's about it. Other than that we're MAINLY looking for feedback that would be useful for the Play NYC build which we need to have ready in < 2 weeks.

A few more rules which might not be super clear at first:
- When key minions reach a treasure chest, they open it. There's BIG treasure chests at the ends of the left and right lanes.
- You can have your base pump out Defender Minions by stepping on the arrow and clicking the button. This will send out defender minions on that lane occasionally. They're strong, have high armor, but won't attack towers or unlock chests.
- When Guardians spawn, go to their spawn location and you can find some items dropped there.


1. Can you win at any rank? Can you not win at any rank?
2. What are you most confused about?
3. What can we do to better communicate certain game elements?
4. What do you think, overall?

Finally, to get logs for ETO, go to %userprofile$\appdata\LocalLow\Keith Burgun Games, zip up the "Escape the Omnochronom" folder, and send/upload to me, either via PM here or on the discord.