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Ever play a card game with a cool theme, only to find out that it's really about trying to cram as much stuff into a turn as you possibly can? I did, so I made a game that cuts the pretense and just makes doing a lot of stuff the way you win. This one's theme is "piracy".

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Basic rules, found on a different page:
During Setup:
Take the deck of cards, shuffle it, and deal five cards to each player (which they hold in their hand where other players can't see). The rest of the cards go in the middle of the table as a face-down draw pile, and whenever a card is discarded or destroyed, it goes into a face-up discard pile. (Implicit: also shuffle the Treasure Deck)

Starting with a random player, you take turns in order. A turn consists of:-

  • Drawing the top card from the draw pile. (If the draw pile's empty, shuffle the discard pile and turn it over to make a new draw pile.)
  • Playing cards from your hand (in this game, by paying their coin costs) (Implicit: This is also when you buy and use Treasures)
  • Checking your hand size; if you have more than five cards, discard down to five. (Implicit: some cards increase this 5-card limit)

When you play a Thing card, it goes onto the table in front of you and stays there, usually having a useful effect while it remains in play; when you play an Action card, it does whatever it does and goes to a discard pile.
Also, an implicit rule that really should be clarified:
When a card says to do something 'in response to' an event, the response happens first, then the event happens. If the event can't fully happen anymore, do as much of it as possible.
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