Community Game Master List


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This is the list of games that are currently in development by members of this community.

LATEST LIST - Last Updated 4.20.18
Candidates for nomination in the Game Design Book Club:
  • Militia, Axes and Acres, Minos Strategos, Solar Settlers, and Skyboats by @BrickRoadDX
  • 100 Rogues and Auro: A Monster-Bumping Adventure, by Dinofarm Games
  • Patch Quest, by @Lemon
  • Dive Frog by Garcia
  • Crimson Company by @Nachtfischer

If you have a game that isn't listed here, please post about it below, along with information about the current status of your game and whether you want it to be a candidate for nomination in the Game Design Book Club.

If your game is listed here but you'd like to change the status, post below (make an ANNOUNCEMENT!) or PM me.
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