Crimson Company - A Board-Drafting Game


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Just updated the Tabletop Simulator Version!

And for the paper crowd also the Print and Play file!

  • Alchemist: 3 -> 4 strength
    • Pretty situational effect. Still considering other options, but this is the "safe version" for now.
  • Clumsy Ogre: 4 -> 5 strength
    • Situational, often played as a "vanilla" card anyway. Also 5 fits the theme here.
  • Necromancer: 5 -> 4 strength
    • Was balanced a tad too aggressively towards the strong side.
  • Trickster: 1 -> 2 strength
    • Super strong in many situations. Since it goes to your opponent's side, one more point reduces its swing ability slightly.
  • Sellsword: 1 -> 2 strength, now reads "Score: Pay as many coins as you want. Gain 1 strength for every 2 coins."
    • While we want the Sellsword to be an impactful card, it was too often found dominating a whole match. It still has a lot of potential but it'll cost you now.
  • Chaos Mage: now reads "Move a card from any lane to another lane on the same side."
    • Some players got confused by the "any" and thought you could make a card switch sides.
  • Turn Overview card now has the setup and starting coins on the back.
  • Character cards now have a "0 strength" indicator on the back.
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So we've been running a tiny print-and-play campaign on Kickstarter that ends in 3 days. You guys are not the target audience obviously, but I thought I'd let you know anyway as a general update on how things are going.

Our goal was basically to collect some final feedback from a wider audience before printing the first edition, and also to raise a bit of attention in general. Turns out there are a few people interested in our game. We even had some backers volunteer to do translations and stuff. Pretty cool! :)