Been working on this and sharing with my Patreons while it develops but now I have a THEME and a very basic TUTORIAL!

Right now (apart from making friends with your favourite frogs!) it's just sort of a system toy thing, but I'm working on building up from here more interesting decisions and solving lots of the "same game every playthrough" problems that developed from the last changes (I removed a ton of bloat complexity stuff).

Now that I have added this tutorial and a bit of art I'm excited to get back to GAME DESIGN and see where this good frog of a game goes! :D

tutorial gif.gif
You can download for Windows and Android over HERE <3



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This is awesome! But I still don't know how to play after doing the tutorial twice. How do I get victory points? What does the frog do? What makes him jump in some ways and not other ways? What does it do when I right click on stuff? many questionsssss
Hey Keith, as we talked about on the Discord I have updated the version to 0.1 and this one includes TUTORIAL version 2. It's still bare bones but it has more info and walks the player through it a little better.
Regarding version 0.1 I have
-added a good couple bits of polish
-fixed loads of the tutorial stuff
-added some user friendly things that should have been there
-took out dev commands and added a new feature that lets the player reset and quit the game
-toad racer not-so-secret secret
-some art stuff
Hey cool kids!
Wanted to keep the momentum going so made a little tiny update today:
-You can now SELL FROM STORAGE (much requested feature ;)) but the transaction gives you 60% money with a min 1 gold
-There are only 20 crop cards now, this might have broken the game but its the first logical step in balancing the impact zones and crop cards.

Also, I decided I'm going to DRASTICALLY reduce the complexity of the resources and buildings and make them super simple, instead focusing the game on the zone impact because its way cooler! Bare with me on this because it will take some time but it should be fun :D
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Hey everyone, have taken a couple days not working on this but am slowly ramping back into it!
I'm not posting the build because the game officially doesn't work now BUT I have started on the overhaul and made some really good progress!

20th may.gif

  • There are now only 3 resources in the game! Basic, mid and top or frog spawn, tadpoles and frogs
  • crop cards now only sell the basic resource
  • crop and building cards now have arrows on them
  • GHOST added to the game. This moves based on the arrows of the cards you play. It moves per tile. It has zero game effect right now but soon our ghost friend will be a big feature!
  • only 2 types of buildings. basic -> mid and mid -> top
  • To fix the UI and the horrors of learning my weird systems I have simplified the crops. One grows on each field always (might change this later), you click once to sell, twice for harvest but its shown better now
  • crops also go straight to being clickable to stop new players 'test clicking' their new crops and concluding nothing happens when you click a crop! Even a little X comes up when you cannot sell a crop any further this turn!
  • Added a restart button for those playing on mobile phones

This is a process and it's been hard to decide which way to take the new changes but its also super exciting and I'm like 100% sure the game will be way better this way!
More coming soon :D
Froggy update 0.4
The game feels weird now that the bad bits have been removed as some of the good structure stuff left with them. Been working on pilling back the new and fixed mechanics into the game so I can start shaping it again.

Mostly big changes but some weird little things in here too :D
  • Cards in the shop can now be clicked a second time to 'un-buy' them. This cancels the transaction completely
  • buildings are now FROG HOUSES and upgrade the correct resource
  • after 5 harvests in a zone a FIREWORK will appear in that zone (if there are any free spaces). This is a big new feature and I'm really excited about this. More info coming soon
  • At night, buildings turn into SKILLS to be used! This is just functionally there but it's a cool feature that we can do a lot with soon
  • tutorial assistance feature - POND GUIDE! not fully implemented but the idea is you can hold your finger on ANY object in the game and the guide will pop up telling you about what it does! Hoping this really makes the difference for people learning the game in the future!
  • Added some sounds to stuff, pretty random right now but good to not leave sound until the last minute!
  • Lilypads now harvest the WHOLE ZONE! This is a really cool and works better than I had hoped. Means WAY less clicking overall and keeps things simple and easy to learn
  • Buildings now convert ALL the crops of that type rather than you clicking each one. Again, this really reduces the number of clicks to play the game
Update 0.5: DUCKS

Huge additions to the game today. Trying really hard to get to the point where all the systems are in place with a lot of content and I can just shave and sculpt what is there into something really good!

  • New STORAGE that is part of the grid! You now place storage containers for crops to be harvested into
  • Buildings now only upgrade the crops that are in the storage of that zone!
  • New resource: BREAD. Can be grown on the map - will have a lot of interactions with DUCKS
  • DUCKS now spawn every so often
  • Losing the game is now on the board itself instead of just on the UI. Instead of losing 3 zones to lose the game, if 3 DUCKS are ever present at one time the game is lost! (3 ducks being present has a lot to do with losing 3 zones as you will see)
  • Twice every game VINCE the BIG DUCK will spawn. Every game he will spawn 10 turns from the end, and once randomly between the middle and the end. This acts as an extremely understandable version of enemy UI using rush, econ, defence kinda thing
  • VINCE will spawn ducks for 5 turns when he is hanging out, as well as putting the zone he lands on to sleep. The player has to prepare and be ready for VINCE
  • A ton of new sounds added to the game, especially cute duck noises that are my favourite thing now
Check out some ducks hanging out at the pond!
My goal is still to have a playable version ASAP with a super simple tutorial!
Update 0.5 (public version)

Woah! What a day! Let's see what we have here!

  • Lilypad impact is now -5 to +5 (11 possible states instead of the previous 5)
  • Lilypads now do the harvesting, upgrading and selling without buildings in the zone!
  • Got rid of all the buildings apart from STORAGE. (you need storage in the zone to harvest and upgrade crops)
  • Lilypads now have EFFICIENCY (huge thanks to Toad_Racer for the idea). Efficiency determines how much stuff you get for harvesting and selling crops. The cool part is the efficiency of a zone is completely based on the current zone + the surrounding ones! E.g. my zone is a low red and the ones around are all blue = I have low efficiency in my zone. Lots more balances numbers wise coming to this system
  • VINCE the duck now spawns on his own twice per match, in the manner I wrote about yesterday
  • Lilypads can only be 'clicked' once per TURN. There is also UI to show you now
  • If there is BREAD in the same zone as a DUCK, you can click the duck to eat the bread and send the duck on its way!
  • Intro crops are added in a cool way POP POP POP
  • More sound effects and a couple animations
Really excited about this zone efficiency idea Toad had because it ties the game back to the zones at the most foundational level!
I have uploaded a Windows and Android build to the ITCH.IO page, but I recommend waiting a day or two longer for the version with a tutorial. Tomorrow I'm working on win condition and tutorial weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!
Hope everyone is having an awesome day!