Game Design Book Club: future-nomination ideas thread!


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Hey so when we have ideas for future game nominations, for future months, write them in this thread.

Right now I'm thinking about nominating some of these:

- Space Food Truck by One Man Left
- Patch Quest
- I still want to do a Shiren one, that'd be super fun, you should all play the world's best roguelike.
- Dungeon Crawl would also be fun if people wanted to play the world's second best roguelike.
Could do Card Thief...pehaps for the community one as @Tinytouchtales does post sometimes. Also that one with the dog trying to escape the dungeon, I forget the name, but it looked like it had similar mechanics. Quite small puzzley/tactical games I think but it might be good to have one large, challenging one and one simpler one each time.

Separate thought: one great thing about this month is it's two completely different takes on ’cards' which is Interesting for comparison.
Yeah Fidel Dungeon Rescue would be a good nomination. Very well crafted, and has at least one great idea which I am going to steal.


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Duelyst might be an interesting one to try? Although I request we do a NON CCG next time.

Also what about one of these crazy huge RPGs like Pillars of Eternity or something?


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Crazy huge RPG has the obvious downside of taking too much time to really dive into it in a month (maybe it would be fine though), but I personally am very into the idea of doing games that are more "thematic" and less "games" for book club. I never really stopped enjoying simplays or whatever you want to call them, non-matched based games with a focus on theme, and it'd maybe be interesting to hear discussions about those kinds of games.

Or maybe it'd be really uninteresting and we wouldn't have much to say about them, I dunno! But worth a try one of these months for sure. Especially if we're playing 2 games a month, it gives us some wiggle room if ones a dud.

As for recommendations I think I'll just repeat May's like a lame-o
-I am still up for Shiren the Wanderer
-I still want to check out Minit (I might just buy this one of these days regardless of book club!)
-Axes and Acres is still the BGG I wanna play the most at the moment.

Maybe I'll change this up as we get closer to June if my feelings change!


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Here's a suggestion. I think it might be cool to check out Pyre.
Book club is a good time to just suggest games that have been on my wishlist for a while, and currently this is catching my eye.

As far as I understand it, it's a traditional RPG sort of fair, but instead of turn based battles, it's actually like a sports game where you have to score goals. Seems like there's a chance for that to actually be fun.