GBDC June 1st Nominations


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I'm gonna nominate Auro for this month's community game. Nothing against Brickroad or his games, but we should play some other community games as well!

I think probably everyone here has played a lot of Auro, but if anyone else is like me, you haven't played much in a while. And I think there's actually a couple of your knuckleheads that haven't played 2.0 on steam? What's up with that? In terms of what would we talk about if we've all already played it a bunch? I think it'd be cool to revisit it now that we have some new articles from Keith on ARCS and FOUR TYPES OF RANDOMNESS. How does it hold up? What does it do well? What would you do to improve it/what would your Alakaram look like?
i don't think Crimson Company has been technically, officially nominated yet, so i may as well do it myself. i've really enjoyed what i've played so far, and want to play more as well as give everyone else a reason to check it out.