GBDC May 15: Nominatee a new non-community game


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Hey everyone. We're going to "stagger" the games, so every 2 weeks there is a new game to play, but every game gets a whole month (Gwent got slightly less than that but we will come back to it later anyway).

Now taking NOMINATIONS for the next NON COMMUNITY GAME. Read this thread and this thread for ideas!
Older Game: SpaceChem Steam Page
SpaceChem is a puzzle game by Zachtronics. for those who haven't played a Zachtronics game you can think of them as open ended assebly line design/programming games. Despite not being a strategy game I think these games have a lot of good stuff around planning and open ended problem solving that are also desirable in strategy games. Even though SpaceChem probably isn't the best in the series it is the cheapest and the first 50-ish levels are free with the demo.

Cheat Game: Offworld Trading Company Steam Page
More expensive than SpaceChem so not my first choice. Most capital R RTS games boil down to economics and risk management. So why not just make an RTS about cut-throat capitalism.


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+1 to nominating spaceChem. Easily my all-time favorite video game about multithreaded programming. It is actually an extremely engrossing product, though, and probably a really good example of how you can make contests work w/o needing any kind of execution elements.
I'll also nominate Ticket To Earth on Steam. I honestly don't know very much about it, but a coworker recommended it highly a few months ago and this seems like as good a reason as any to finally check it out.


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Still thinking of my nomination, but given that the first two games were card games, might be cool to do a non-card game for the next one!