GDBC May 2018 Nominations & Discussion Thread


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Hi everyone! We're starting up the Game Design Book Club, where we all play games together, talk about them, and maybe make a FINAL REPORT at the end of the month. More info on what it is here.

Let's just dive right in and start nominating some games. Everyone is allowed 1 older game nomination (the older the better, for the cheapness so everyone can get it) and 1 community game nomination.

Here's mine:

Older game nomination: Fantasy General. It's probably the best war game I've ever played (and I mean war game as in like tactical war type of thing). It has hexes, it has a lot of really good Panzer General rules about flanking and supporting fire and all this kinda stuff. It also has some videogamey elements like a fantasy theme and your troops level up and stuff between missions. You'll need dosbox to play.

Community game nomination: Patch Quest. This thing looks SO impressive and I just really need an excuse to dive in, so we should all do it together!

Put your nominations. After about a week, we'll have a few days for voting.

Let's do it!
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Older game nomination: Future Cop LAPD: Precinct Assault Mode. A 1v1 or 1vAI moba years before dota was a made. Has aspects of mobas, limited tower defence, and tower wars. Substantial strategic depth considering its age and 10 ranks of AI difficulty to compete against. My suggestion would be to play vs AI and use cheats to access all the weapon combinations, though 1v1 could be fun for those that live near one another.
Looks like its available on PC as abadonware, but I should take a look to see how easy it is to get running on modern PCs.

Cheat Game: Crypt of the Necrodancer. Specifically playing solo Cadence, all zones mode and trying a) to win and b) to win in the fastest possible time.

As for community games there's plenty to choose from and I don't really mind what order. I think for those in development the creators would know best when is a good time to get a rush of feedback.
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Older Game:
Shiren the Wanderer (can get a DS emulator to play)
Keith keeps talking about this game, so I feel like I ought to give it a shot, and game design book club would be a great excuse to play it.

Cheaty Game:
this is an indie game that just came out that I'm semi-interested in. It's basically Zelda, but it's "gimmick" is that you are only allowed to play in 1 minute chunks of time and the game is designed around that. I think this is interesting in terms of me personally wanting to make games that are easy to pick up and put down/fit into a busy lifestyle. The unfortunate downside here is that it's $10 and we said we were trying to avoid having to pay for games. Also not sure if anyone else would be interested at all, it's a little more "simplay-y"/adventure game)

Community Game:
Axes and Acres
I've been wanting to play this BrainGoodGame for a very long time, and I just never ended up buying it or putting aside time to play it. $5 isn't too steep, and maybe BrickRoad could do a Book Club sale? ;D
Again book club is a great excuse to dive into this game as well.


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In spite of not being very active on the discord or forums, I'm glad I spotted this! I'd love to participate!
Older game: Defcon - a slow-burn real-time strategy game with a strong layer of social interaction. The core idea is that all players start on the same team with a fixed number of missiles. But the match won't end until some percentage of those missiles have been fired, meaning someone has to break the fragile alliance, which leads to a lot of interesting negotiations, betrayals, etc...
It was never really popular, so it's extremely difficult to find a full multiplayer match (and if you do, it's not uncommon for some players to leave early and be replaced by AI, which ruins the experience). Could be interesting to organize an online match between community members, since we'd all (hopefully) be invested enough to see matches through to their conclusion.

Community Game: Solar Settlers - the only BrainGood game I haven't tried yet. I bought the BrainGood bundle on Steam before Solar Settlers came out, and haven't had a chance to pick this one up since then.


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I also do have to dive into Solar Settlers more than I have, so I'd be voting for that.

I figure for the voting we can each vote for as many things as we want probably, would work best.