Hex Gambit (the new game from One Man Left)


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Haven't yet but curious! Could never get past the async multiplayer in their last game. I CAN'T WAIT ALL DAY FOR A NEW TURN!!
I can't find anything anywhere describing the gameplay beyond the headline 'crowdsurfing' mechanic, which is something to do with making your best unit(s?) more mobile around the board. Slight worry atm is it could be calculatey rock/paper/scissors albeit with high-quality cartoony presentation and decent multiplayer/community support.


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I definitely would like to know more about this. "Crowdsurfing" seems like a neat little gimmick, but these days there has to be more beyond "standard turn-based combat on a hex grid" to catch me as a player.


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I tried to play the other day and I got this bizarre green-screen flashing error. It really looked like if back in the 90s you had a game selecting the wrong refresh rate or something. Very strange! I'll wait for a patch or something maybe???