Jelly Bomber Beta 0.001


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Hey, come play Jelly Bomber!

Some notes:
- You'll want to play Ranked mode, I think mostly. It should start you on rank 8 right now, kinda arbitrary.
- You could test out the story mode too first if you want. It should work????
- Make sure Steam is running... in fact we aren't sure if you'll be able to run the game at all due to Steamworks stuff. You might need to be somehow invited "via steam" for it to work properly. We'll find out!
- The controls are a bit wonky, especially in the UI, it's inconsistent right now. I recommend going into the keyboard options and binding it how ya like it.
- If for any reason you need to make a new account you can I think do that top right of the title screen.

You should be able to figure everything out, but let me know if you have questions. If I find the time later I'll post a bunch of details about the rules. Also if you want an OSX version you'll have to wait a bit!



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- OBJECTIVE: Destroy all the fruits. If the stack passes the top line of the jar, you lose.
- PLAYER POWER: Each character has a power. Bunny Girl's is hard to build up but it's like a huge nuke that destroys two whole lines. Octo guy is weird and the other guy's stuff changes the color of things.
- The jelly line-dynamics are a thing. It's pushing everything up so watch out.
Strawberries are like rushdown - destroying on leaves a sugar pill. Drop something on a sugar pill and it destroys a fruit to its left and right and creates two lines of jelly.
Blackberries are like defense - the jam settles once every few turns and blackberries speed this up.
Apricots are like econ - they leave a pit which is hard to get rid of (getting a combo on it cracks it) but they give you XP toward your super meter.

Note: each time you fill up and use your super meter, it gets shorter. You need less XP each time to use it!
so i tried the jelly bomber beta, and immediately have some criticisms (most of which are also applicable to dr. mario, to be fair):

1. it seems very sensitive to input errors. i think it's obvious why this is bad for a strategy game. (this is a strategy game, right?)

2. the time dynamics seem completely backwards; you get less time in more dangerous and complicated situations, and more time in safe situations? that seems like it's completely the wrong way around. the game might work better just being turn-based with a fixed (and relatively short) turn timer (granted, that'd deviate pretty heavily from the dr. mario inspiration) (this could also help fix the first point).

3. (this one might be just me, but) the bombs feel very random to me. if i had more time to think, i could probably plan around the upcoming bombs, but as it is, i think there's too much time pressure to do that, which makes it feel more like "did i get a color combination i can use? or something that's largely useless?". (in fact, it might still be that way without the time pressure, i'm not sure.) (i felt like i had trouble articulating this point, so i might come back to it later.)


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1. it seems very sensitive to input errors. i think it's obvious why this is bad for a strategy game. (this is a strategy game, right?)
Sort of. I mean generally, I would give the safe answer of "no"? It's the kind of thing that Dr. Mario is, fundamentally. It's like taking Dr. Mario and adding some strategy game elements. So if it is a strategy game, it's a pretty shallow one, mixed with some execution stuff (although if you think this is input-error-prone, it's about 1/20th as prone as Dr. Mario).

Point 2 might have some merit but yeah it's just way beyond the scope of this project.

As to the random color bombs, they are pretty uniform. But yeah you mostly have to roll with them; I didn't expect that players would be doing lookahead much. When I play I really just look at the next bomb usually, sometimes maybe the bomb after that. It's more about more general strategies of "okay I gotta clear out this space over here" or "okay I gotta get my power" or sometimes going for blackberries to decrease the settle timer.