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Hey so my girlfriend Jenny Bee has been working on a 20 minute pilot episode of a new TV show for her masters thesis. I've actually been spending a TON of time on it over the past 6 months as well, I've been at every shoot, helped her find clothing and materials at weird thrift stores, helped write the theme song, and a bunch of other stuff.

The short short elevator pitch is something like "The Office in art school", but it's really very different, too. These two main characters are in school for graphic design, and they have to make a poster for a movie, and they can't agree on anything. Brenna is super critical and kinda hates most stuff, and Reed is nostalgic and loves lots of sorta bad 80's stuff. That's my own super short version. Here's what Jenny has to say about it on her Indiegogo:

I want to tell a story about the art school experience highlighting the uniqueness of its world and humanity. It's a high-stress place and the temptation to be critical of everything is palpable. Everyone's been that person who hates on things, and everyone's been that person who gets their things hated on, so I wanted to make a story embodying both kinds of people, in an attempt to make each side feel validated, understood, and more sympathetic to the other, in a heart-warming, humorous way.
Anyway, here's a short clip from it, leaked TODAY!!!

Also, check this out too.

Also, the artist who's working on both my games, Ana Lozada, made this amazing piece for it:


Also, kinda cool, the film has an all-women production cast (except, arguably, me) (arguably because I am like half a crew member, not because I might be a woman!)


Yeah! It should be online somewhere in full in a couple of months. Look forward to it!

And in the meantime if you think this all looks nice, consider posting about or supporting the IndieGogo for it, here:
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