June 15 Non-Community Game Nominations


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I have two nominations. Both of them cost money but maybe upvote them if you own them already or want / are able to get them?

Pillars of Eternity II: I just started playing this last night and it seems like to me a rare "good RPG", like it lets you do stuff, and it's open worldy and stuff. I haven't thought of an RPG as good in this way since probably 2001's Arcanum. Or maybe Morrowind if that came out afterward.

Stellaris: Basically a Civ in space but way less fiddly in a lot of ways, by Paradox Interactive.
I'll nominate just one game this time:

Cogmind - It's one of the most interesting roguelikes I've played. You're a robot trying to escape from a gigantic facility. Along the way you'll meet all kinds of other robots that can help you, harm you, or maybe just leave you alone. You'll have to constantly change your strategy as you find various components to add to your mech or replace pieces that have been knocked off and destroyed in combat. You can also hack neutral mecahs and have them help you on your journey.