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Hey y'all! Here I will post from time to time about some of my many unfinished prototypes. I have a lot of board game prototypes, more of those than digital since it was only 2-3 years ago that I got good enough at programming where I could actually make games usin' computers. With that said I may also post some abandoned games I was working on with coders at some point.

Today I'd like to show you a Traitor-style game in the style of The Resistance. I like The Resistance and I like Battlestar Galactica but I wanted to make something in between, complexity wise. Simple enough to be still a fun party game but complex enough to not be "just a big fucking random guess" like The Resistance often is.

It was playtested a little bit but it still had some huge issues to deal with (I don't remember what they were now). Enjoy!

An Acolyte Has Been Murdered! A Traitor Card Party Game for 5-10 players

You’re a bunch of acolytes trying to summon demons. However, among you there are killers who would rather you not summon the demons. They’ve infiltrated your group and are here to kill you!

Objective - For the Acolytes, the object is to Summon 5 Demons. For the Killers, the object is to kill 5 Acolytes.

  • Score board, tokens
  • Role Cards (7 Acolyte, 3 Killer/Death Mage)
  • Number Deck: 4x Life, 4x Death, 4x Fire, 8x Water (the four "suits"), all numbered 0-4
  • 12 Demon cards, each with a unique value and affiliation (suit)
Starting the Game: Deal 1 role card face down to each player. Draw 2 cards to start, plus 1 to your Affiliation.

A Game Turn
1. Draft Phase: On your turn draw 3 cards. Look at them, then hand the stack to your left. That player chooses 1 card, takes it to his hand, and passes the remaining 2 to his left. Then that player chooses 1 of the remaining 2 and hands the last one to you.
2. Seance Phase: You may now discard two of the same card to begin a seance. Otherwise, draw 1 card from the deck. If it is of your Affiliation, reveal it and add it to your hand, otherwise, discard it.

- Seance: Draw a demon card face up on the table. Demon cards have a number on them and an affiliation (like a card suit). You, and the players next to you are involved in a Seance. These players place 1 card face down into a “Cauldron”. Shuffle (stir) the Cauldron and reveal it. Add up the total indexes of all cards matching the suit of the current Demon. This number must exceed the number on the demon PLUS the number of demons on the table (even as affiliations).

If there are more death cards than life cards, the current player is ATTACKED.

Summoning - Discard the Demon, and score 1 point for the Acolytes. Current player must take the discarded Demon as his new affiliation. Then summon a new Demon.

Resolving an Attack: The current player must reveal one card of the same suit as the seance Demon Card from his hand, or he is killed (you may choose to not reveal and be killed even if your hand meets these requirements). The killers gain 1 point, marked by placing a Kill Token in the middle of the play area. He discards down to 2 cards (randomly) and takes the Demon Card as his new Affiliation.

Winning: The moment either team wins 6 points, all players flip their Role card over and the game ends with that team victorious. If both teams win at the same time, the Killers win.

Powers - your cards can also just be played as actions.

  • - Death: (Trade) Choose any card in the discard pile and take it to your hand, then discard a card if you have more than 2 cards.
  • - Water: (Trade) donate a card to a player, then draw 2 cards.
  • - Fire: (Seance) You add +1 value to any seance you’re involved in, but attacks in those seances can’t be blocked.
  • - Life: (Seance) Can defend an attacked NON LIFE player by discarding a Life card.

That's it for now. What do you think?