Kingdoms of the crescent moon

Hi yall, I have been on dino farm forums some time ago. Its kind of cyclical. I drift around different specialist forums when Im working on different games.

This is a board game I have high hopes for. Rather than dump a lot of detail on you, I have a short thread on BGG that I intend to put up some 'designers diaries' that talks about why I made certain decisions with the design. I think thats probably more ineresting to folks on this type of forum anyway.

Briefly, it is an area control/influence game with 5 factions that have been set up in a way that they are interdependent, and all get victory points in somewhat different ways.

Hope its intersting for you and as always, a designer loves to hear other people's thoughts.

and here is my facebook page which has a video and some placeholder art for cards and writeups for the factions