Patch Quest Design Goals


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Since this is a game design forum, I thought I'd repost this article from last year which covers the design goals for Patch Quest. I want to promote:

1) Flexibility, meaning the game supports a wide variety of content and situations.
2) Depth, meaning players can develop skills and improve at the game.
3) Freedom, meaning every player can do or create something unique.

You can read about these in more detail over here: Full Article Link.


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1 - definitely a more important goal than I used to think it is, for two reasons:
1a). Systems need to be much more complex than I thought previously
1b). The "content" aspect is kind of necessary for there to be a community around a game, especially for a single player game

2 - Of course. And I think that even with great elegance, you need 1 to be kinda true in order to get a lot of 2.

3 - I think this is actually a natural product of 2? Like if you have 2, you'll have 3. But we can go into a lot of detail on defining what "depth" really is that would clarify that relationship further.


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You can definitely do unique things through deep, strategic gameplay. But this kind of uniqueness is pretty abstract and inaccessible to most players.

I want Patch Quest to appeal to a mass market, meaning it can't just rely on strategic depth. So by freedom, I mean:

1) Free roaming - exploring and solving quests at your own pace, in your own order.
2) Decorating the Checkpoints with cool things you found while exploring.
3) Customising your item and costume loadouts.
4) (Eventually) creating mods for the game with a suite of built-in editors (like Mario Maker or Little Big Planet).