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Reviving one of my favorite threads from the old sirlin.net forums.
You're supposed to post your own ideas, but first let's set the atmosphere with some exemplars from the past…

@PeterMolydeux said:
You are a child playing hide&seek, as you hide the world fast forwards. You come out, everyone has died. You must find your friend's ghosts
@PeterMolydeux said:
Racing game where you only have 2 speeds. 0MPH and 10,000 MPH. Did you just run over a little child? who knows? how does that make you feel?
@PeterMolydeux said:
I want to make a game that a parent plays during labor. The final boss can only be truly defeated by the sound of a crying baby.
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Shiri said:
it's a computer game designed to emulate board games
so you have a stack of cards with physics and you roll the dice and knock all the cards over
and the cards have deliberately ambiguous rules so you have to argue about them
etc. etc.
it made my friends cry with laughter
it was made for a game jam
the theme was "make a game in a genre you don't like" or something
the guy hates boardgames


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Simon Parkin said:
The drive from Tucson, Arizona, to Las Vegas, Nevada, takes approximately eight hours when travelling in a vehicle whose top speed is forty-five miles per hour. In Desert Bus, an unreleased video game from 1995 conceived by the American illusionists and entertainers Penn Jillette and Teller, players must complete that journey in real time. Finishing a single leg of the trip requires considerable stamina and concentration in the face of arch boredom: the vehicle constantly lists to the right, so players cannot take their hands off the virtual wheel; swerving from the road will cause the bus’s engine to stall, forcing the player to be towed back to the beginning. The game cannot be paused. The bus carries no virtual passengers to add human interest, and there is no traffic to negotiate. The only scenery is the odd sand-pocked rock or road sign. Players earn a single point for each eight-hour trip completed between the two cities, making a Desert Bus high score perhaps the most costly in gaming.
Lemmingrad said:
Desert Bus but IN SPACE!
ratxt1 said:
A game that takes so long to beat (real time) that it has to be played over multiple generations. Fathers pass the mantle onto there children who pass it on to there children until it is finally done.


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specs said:

You're the 5th party member, of 5. The smug, handsome hero is the focus, all the women in the party love him, even party member #4 who you're secretly in love with.

You're fully aware you're in a JRPG-esque game, but everyone dismisses your explanations of this as part of your "trope" or something. You're like the optional character, GoGo style, with no real plot explanation for being there.

But bugs are invading the game, and nobody can see them, though their effects are felt: terrain disappearing, equipment changing, people getting spells and dialogue they shouldn't, etc.

Nobody can see them... except you. And you have to both a) keep them from directly harming the other party members and b) keep up your buffing/debuffing duties so the game's mobs can't win.
Avatar Z said:
In a medieval JRPG setting, heroes wielding swords and sorcery set out to vanquish evil and save the world. Such a task cannot be accomplished empty-handed; heroes must first visit a town to buy weapons, armor, and other supplies to aid them on their glorious quest!

You are not any of those heroes. For your task is of greater importance! Assume the role of town gatekeeper, the unsung hero, laboring endlessly to ensure that every visitor is blessed with that ancient greeting, passed down through his family for generations...

"Welcome to Corneria Town!"
Avatar Z said:
the people who we often dismiss as non-players all contribute to the greater good
its so deep!
Caphriel said:
How about a game that's like a AoS lane-pusher... except the players play as creeps! Their objective is still the same, but they spawn in a group with a bunch of other creep-players and have no choice but to push the lane. They cannot move backwards and they cannot leave the lane. When they die, they respawn in the next group of creeps that spawns. They play against player-creeps on the other side, while NPC heroes fight around them (and farm them, and kill them.)
ratxt1 said:
You are a rock. Not that you know your a rock. All you know is after clicking that shady looking link your screen is now black and your mouse and keyboard stopped working.
major_shiznick said:
A JRPG where all characters start at maximum stats and get weaker as the game persists, governed by some combination of storyline events (via a dialogue tree, probably) and what types of enemies each character kills (a la reverse Pokemon EVs). Optimal play is to shape each character's stat drops such that they suck at all but one role in battle, resulting in an incredibly specialized, fragile party.
zem said:
You know how in regular JRPGs with expendable items a lot of people hoard them forever for emergencies and never end up using them? Well, the idea here is to make a game where that instinct is correct by having the final boss be literally impossible if you didn’t save all your expendables. The game is really long and then you get to the end and you can only do significant damage and survive with those few weird attack and temporary invulnerability items, and if you used any of them earlier you can’t beat it.
Lemmingrad said:
An RPG (J or W) where YOU betray the hero.
Xom said:
A roll-and-move game with JRPG-worthy amount of plot.
Xom said:
what if a game had the most poignant randomly generated narratives in the world, each ten seconds long as you travel from a savepoint to a fiendishly difficult boss, so that if you're concentrating on beating the boss, then you hate waiting through these poignant scenes, else if you appreciate the narratives, then you lose focus on the fight


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evizaer said:
Yomi variant:

You and your opponent play a game of yomi in front of 10 anonymous spectators. The spectators vote on the player who exhibited the least strategic play--note, not he WORST, but the LEAST strategic. In other words, play that is entirely internally inconsistent, as well as being inconsistent with the standards of good play, bad play, and random play.
Xom said:
A MOBA-themed boardgame mildly resembling Catan where you compete against "teammates" to farm the map. The enemy team is represented by mechanics like Catan's robber.
Xom said:

Have a deck of cards that have already been filled out by someone who isn't playing. (The game is only feasible by correspondence, so ideally it would use a web app.) When a player plays a card, they play it face-down and claim its text to be whatever they want; other players may challenge. The actual cards should be authored to clearly be of the same design.
Xom said:
Yeoman: Moatrunner
Xom said:
In my opinion, Wall Dive, the sequel to Dive Kick, should be stick only, no buttons.
Xom said:
Science Dogs vs. Mystic Dogs

Your base begins with 20 HP; you lose if it's destroyed.
You begin with no workers; before you start your turn, summon a worker (for free), then fill your purse up to the number of workers you have.
Attacking, blocking, ability timing, and the stack are the same as Magic: the Gathering.

Start with three cards in hand: Dog Commander and two faction cards.

Dog Commander, ⑤, 2/2
Arrives: Summon three 1/1 Dogs.
②, Sacrifice a dog → Deal 2 damage to a dog or base.
Science Dogs said:
Dog Engineer, ②, 1/1
Your other cards cost ① less.
② → Dog Engineer is indestructible next time it would die this turn.

Dog Suit, ②, attach to a dog
① → Dog in suit gets +1/+0 this turn.
① → Dog in suit deals excess attack damage to enemy base this turn.
① → Dog in suit is indestructible next time it would die this turn.
Mystic Dogs said:
Dog Priest, ③, 2/2
② → Redirect to another dog the next point of damage Dog Priest would be dealt this turn. (This ability can stack with itself.)

Dog Monk, ④, 2/2
Can't be damaged except by Dog Engineer.
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A sports game, but you have a Portal gun. Actually, each player has two, one in each hand.
So now there are portals everywhere, and you can stack portals to make hyper portals, and...


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An old funny game idea I had was just take any of those ball sports like soccer or hockey or whatever and just have a BUNCH of balls rather than one. There's some number where it gets optimally funny - some amount would be too much, but like just 2 or 3 wouldn't be enough to be funny (I have tried soccer with 2 or 3 balls and it's definitely a better game (low bar!) but not "funny" really). To start I would try maybe 500. Just picture how much more fun soccer would be with 500 soccer balls bouncing around everywhere. You'd need to make out of bounds be walls instead. Also for ice hockey you'd need to get rid of stuff like the icing rule.