Ridiculous Modern Videogame Screenshots


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On the old forums we used to have a thread for posting just the worst of the worst. Today I got this ad on FB.


EVERYONE IS ADDICTED. I guess we should feel good about the fact that apparently, even the spambot game designers think pay to win is bad?

I'm impressed they also managed to squeeze in some racism somehow.


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German, but the first sentence says "No Pay to Win!"... which I thought was pretty funny, when the right-most character they show you is SUPER MEGA EXPENSIVE and the number is even printed in RED TO MAKE SURE YOU KNOW THAT YOU CAN'T AFFORD IT IF YOU DON'T PAY REAL MONEYZ!!!!!!
"Join quickly to dominate rankings" sounds like grind-to-win, which is hardly much more appealing.

Oh well at least it's a guaranteed way to dominate, and we all want to do that don't we? All those crappy strategy titles like Auro and Solar Settlers you have to play well to dominate the rankings. And where's the fun in that?