The Rest of the Prototypes


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The other four protyotypes are further along/defined, but I figured I'd do a brief post about the rest of the (non abandoned) prototypes I've got going.

1) A game where you program one or more lawnmowers to efficiently mow lawns with cards that define movement patterns.
2) A game where you multiple decks of cards represent players on a football team (recievers have route cards with patterns, QB has short pass, long pass, handoff, sneak, etc)
3) A game where you have to defend the World Tree from invaders by picking up cards from the field and deploying traps, walls, etc and as the world tree grows out from the center and becomes harder to defend.
4) A cyberpunk themed game about sneaking around/juking/avoiding detection with tons of special powers.


5) A simple abstract game about maintaining a zen garden while the sun rotates around changing the pattern of shadows.

Posting these and seeing everybody's prototypes has got me super excited to finish another game. Can't wait!!