Tribound podcast (a new podcast on game design)


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Yeah I think it's new. I told Tribound - and this is maybe useful for anyone else starting a podcast (Start a podcast!!!) - that you can use a wordpress plugin called Bluberry which does a lot of stuff for you. I recommend it.
Because i'm not even seeing a download option, i wrote a comment there.
Actual you just can stream it.
(I could start a podcast about software testing / qa :unsure:. Keith, what have you done...)
I managed to listen to it...
I found your last advice great. "Never let a strategy game look like it is one."
I think this is great especially for addressing people who are not that familiar with the concepts like an insider here (so its most of the people), but will have fun playing it.
"Its just a funny card game. *wink, wink*"
Isn't that the point where you must have a interesting theme / visual appearance to catch at least the eye?
Because those people will not understand that much or, even more worse, will resist to the phrase "strategy game". (Do i underestimate most people?)