What is Escape the Omnochronom? A super-preliminary post


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Escape the Omnochronom is a single-player, turn based game that is kind of like a Rogue-like meets DotA. You fight monsters, collect loot, use special abilities, and push lanes. Push the top lane all the way to escape the Omnochronom, a strange mechanical world that you're locked inside.

My goals with this game are:
  • Make a strategy game that feels like a videogame. In other words, you can just go around fighting monsters and collecting loot, and it isn't immediately obvious that you need to use strategy to win.
  • Prove or disprove numerous new game design theories that I've been working on, many of which you can read about on my site. This is what I mean by "game design theory, and games designed with theory".
Much more coming soon, but I just wanted to have something for now.