Who are Dinofarm Games?


Staff member
If you're new here and have no idea who Dinofarm Games are, here's some stuff!

- Our latest game which took us over five years to make is Auro: A Monster-Bumping Adventure. Also an earlier version is available on Android.
- Before that, we made a Rogue-like game called 100 Rogues, which is available on iOS! (and Ouya if you can find one of those)
- Right now we're finishing up Jelly Bomber, a real time abstract game along the lines of Dr. Mario but deeper and with less execution.
- We also have a podcast called the Dinofarm Patron Podcast - you can check that out here.
- You can support Dinofarm Games at our Patreon page, here.
- Our lead designer is Keith Burgun. Our lead artist is Blake Reynolds. Our programmer is Nicholas Maddelena.
- Our website is at www.dinofarmgames.com.

We're gonna be posting here soon when there are test versions of Jelly Bomber available to play. See ya soon!