I studied Studio Composition at SUNY Purchase College, where I focused on composing music for videogames. I produce music in any production style and genre, but I’m most proficient with modern synthetic arrangements.
My latest work is half of the songs from the Auro Soundtrack – please go check those out at Bandcamp.

You can find a lot more on the following links:

  • I composed half the soundtrack for the critically acclaimed iPhone game, 100 Rogues.  It is highly thematic music that uses SNES style 16-bit soundfonts.  Listen here at bandcamp.
  • I wrote a chiptune soundtrack to a platformer with randomly-generated levels created by John Harris called Mayflight.
  • I created the theme songs to an internet comedy show called Captains in Space, a comedy podcast called The Flophouse, and an East Village Radio show called “Fist City”.