My Games

My big games

Here are the three games that I consider “my babies” – games that I put at least two years worth of work in, and took a lead role in designing.

100 Rogues (2010)

Dinofarm Games, Fusion Reactions


A classic (but zany) Rogue-like with 16-bit art and music, and a few other twists. My first official commercial game. It was originally released in 2010 for iOS, and maybe around 2013 or so got an OUYA port. Unfortunately the codebase is in the possession of Fusion Reactions so neither myself nor Dinofarm Games are able to update the game, so you can’t really play the game unless you maybe have an OUYA or do something hacky, sorry! The old Fusion-run website is still up here. On this project I was the lead designer, wrote half the music, and made a minority of the artwork (the art, and the other half of the music was by Blake Reynolds).

Auro: A Monster-Bumping Adventure (2015)

Dinofarm Games

Steam, iOS, Android

Dinofarm Games’ first completely solo game that we made all on our own, and it only took us six years! We ran one unsuccessful Kickstarter for the game in 2011, then another successful one that same year, and then a third unsuccessful one in 2016 for a Quest expansion (many of the ideas in that expansion, we plan to use on our next game, Alakaram). Eventually we made a massive patch (that in hindsight, should have just been a sequel honestly) for the PC port, which to this day remains the best version of the game. Because of the death of Flash *and* the death of HaxeNME (the framework that Auro was started in back in 2011), it became weirdly impossible to bring the 2.0 changes back to iOS and Android, and also to update the game for iOS 11, sadly. Auro fans should look forward to Dinofarm Games’ next game, Alakaram, as it is a much more full-bodied and modern version of the same idea. For Auro, I did lead design, sound, half the music, and a little programming.

Escape the Omnochronom! (2018)

Keith Burgun Games


This was my own “studio” (it’s just me making games, not really a studio)’s first game, which came out this year. It’s a blend of MOBA elements and Rogue-like elements into something strange. As of the time of this writing, I still consider it a bit of a work in progress; it is my most experimental design yet, and also my largest project. For this game I did a lot of the art, all of the music, design, etc, although I was able to hire some people for a few specific pieces. You can get the game now on Steam, and development will continue on the game going forward.

My smaller games

Empire: The Deck-Building Strategy Game (2013) Android, iOS – Crazy Monkey Studios hired me to design a game for them, and I designed this: a 4X/Deck-building/weird thing. Probably my weirdest game I’ve made! Made in a pretty short time and it’s not my game so I had no ability to force continued development, unfortunately. For this game, I only did game design.

Jelly Bomber (2018) Steam – I designed this Dr. Mario-meets-strategy game. The objective with this was to make a game quickly, after being inspired by Play NYC 2017 and some of the games we saw there. We wanted a quick game: one that we could make quickly, and one that could be learned quickly, being played at a convention. Sure enough, we showed the game at Play NYC 2018 and it was in fact pretty easy for new players to pick up.

Other credits:

Art: Fast Fast Laser Laser (XBox 360, OUYA), UFO Dad (PS Vita), The Tenth Line (Steam)

Music: Equivoque (Steam), Brazen Berry Bonanza (Windows, Android), ROGO (Steam)

I’m usually juggling 2-5 new projects, so stay tuned on the next thing!