Gem Wizards Tactics


Playful tactics, weird magic, and endless challenge

Gem Wizards Tactics is a turn-based strategy game with randomly generated maps and tons of weird asymmetrical factions! Designed around endless single player play, Gem Wizards Tactics has seven factions each with their own unique abilities which not only combine within factions, but you can also pick up units from other factions and combine them into your army to create strange new strategies!

In many ways, Gem Wizards Tactics will feel familiar to fans of Advance Wars, Fire Emblem or X-Com. But unlike these games, the maps are entirely randomly generated, and enemy units are spawning randomly as well. This means that the challenges are much more emergent and surprising—and so your strategies will have to be as well.

In this original turn based tactical war game, you take your army through a series of 10 battles in which you’ve gotta capture 3 castles before the enemy reinforcements get too strong! Colorful, animated pixel art, an original soundtrack, and frequent balance/content patches make this a strategy game you can live in.

Play as the Business Demons, dumping oil, fire, and toxic waste everywhere, and pave paradise to reach success! The Potatoes are all about growth, defense, rolling all over the place, and cool potato magic. There are partying undead skeletons, stuffed animal bunnies, huge bug people, and more in the Gem Wizards Universe!

This game takes place in the same universe as my recently successfully Kickstarted Dragon Bridge, a two-player tactical card game.

Gem Wizards Tactics is currently aiming for a summer 2020 release on Steam.

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