Dragon Bridge

Once per year, Wizards come from far and wide to compete in the Dragon Bridge Games: a series of competitive magical battles that takes place on a bridge connecting two small magical islands. Who will be this year’s winner? Business-demons, partying skeletons, humans, stuffed animals, potatoes, magic bug people and other weird characters use tactical magic spells, collect items and do powerful combos in pursuit of deeper knowledge and understanding of magic!

Choose a character and do battle in this quick, yet surprisingly deep two player card game. Take the Travel version with you anywhere!

It’s easy to learn, and seems simple enough: just bump your opponent off the end of the bridge, into the maw of the Dragon. But beware: the Dragon can switch sides!

You can now grab copies of Dragon Bridge exclusively at Arcanist’s Armory!

They also have limited copies of a new promotional Croh Vosh (from Spellstorm) card as well.


“Dragon Bridge is a tense battle with tactical depth. It’s full of pivots and surprises, special abilities and special traps. Plus, you can play as a fighting potato!”

Isaac Shalev, board game designer

“Dragon Bridge is a quintessential Keith Burgun game – a finely-tuned machine that generates a lot of interesting decisions with an elegant economy of means.”

Frank Lantz, Director at the NYU Game Center

“I’m inclined to call this “the best En Garde game” if only because it’s actually more than just another En Garde game. I really dig it.”

– Demetri of Pixel Die

Super cute, fun, quick, back-and-forth dueling game. Check it out!

– Seth Jaffee, designer of Eminent Domain


  • 15 playable, colorful and memorable characters from the Gem Wizards Universe: be a Potato! Or a stuffed animal! Or a Business Demon! Each has their own special powers and ways to play.
  • A second box inside the box: the Travel Version, which you can take anywhere in your pocket!
  • Deluxe cardboard Bridge tiles and Gem tiles
  • 9 Bridge Hacks which let you alter the course of the match dramatically
  • 8 Items that you can collect and power up with
  • A game manual (you can read it for free here.)
  • A lore book, featuring colorful comics, backstories and more!
  • A quick start guide

Dragon Bridge is the first game in Keith Burgun’s “Gem Wizards” universe, which now includes Gem Wizards Tactics.


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Dragon Bridge was successfully funded on Kickstarter in 2019! Thank you so much to my backers who brought this game to life!