Splash Clash on Lake Street

Adults may deny them, but all the kids here on Lake Street know the stories about the strange creatures who live here. The fire cat, the giant lobster, the hideous and terrible Lake Boy. The children all have heard the stories, seen the evidence, and some claim to have seen the creatures themselves. One day, the kids on Lake Street got together and hatched a plan: “The monsters have roamed the forest, the lake, and even our backyards for long enough”, pronounced the kids. “It’s time we declare a WATER BALLOON FIGHT.” From then on, every summer, a great and splashy battle was had. Some emerged relatively dry and victorious, and were able to attend the barbecue. Others… well, they had to go home and towel off, drenched, but still clinging to life. Choose your character, create some awkwardly huge water balloons and test your water-fighting skills against some of the toughest opponents Lake Street has to offer. Good luck!​


Splash Clash on Lake Street is a deckbuilding game for 2-4 players (primarily 2 players). In the game, you use your character special abilities, buy new cards and build your deck as you play (similar to Dominion or Ascension). Your Soakometer builds up water over time, and if you get too wet, you have to go inside and dry off – and the first player that has to do so is the loser!

On your turn, you’re playing cards from your hand which cause you to draw cards, Splash the other player, or do other cool and interesting things. If your Splashometer is 10 or higher at the end of your turn, you lose.

At launch, Splash Clash will have 6 characters and 13 unique action cards. More characters and action cards will be released in an expansion. There will also be a digital version available.

More news coming soon.