CGD Podcast Ep. 41 – This summer, being anti-social, and Push the Lane

Hi everyone! It’s been awhile since I made a podcast episode. Today’s episode is just me – no guest, although I do have a long list of guests that I intend to get on soon. In this episode I talk about the crazy summer I had and some major realizations that I’ve had about art and its (at least partially) social purpose, perfectionis, a way for indie game developers to exist, and some specific challenges I’m having with Push the Lane (and their Clockwork solutions) — and a lot more. I hope you enjoy the episode, and thank you so much for listening!

Special thanks to Aaron Oman and Jean-Marc Nielly for supporting me on Patreon, as well as all my other patrons.

  • Jake Forbes

    Thanks for the insights into where your head’s at after an amazingly productive summer. Looking forward to new PTL builds and future guests on the podcast.

  • Rob Seater

    I would recommend that you make the push plate effects very influential and not make them minor stat boosts. Make the player think intentionally about which lane you want to push (to get a crazy bonus, build a synergy) or not push (something not important, or avoiding an actual drawback). Don’t let them just thinking aggregate about “how far a lane is pushed” but force them to actually consider “why do I want one lane vs. another pushed further”. So, if there are different engines or combos you want to build, you care a lot about which power you add to your repertoir. Perhaps every plate effect is very powerful, but you ONLY gain the power of the furthest plate you have activated in each lane. So, pushing a lane when it has a power you care about right now would actually be a mistake, and you should instead leverage that power to your advantage and then later come back to the lane when you have build another combo. In that manner, a skilled player will necessarily be shifting strategies both based on their own progress/strategy and what threats/bosses are present. In the simplest form, imagine you just had RPG-style element damage bonuses on the plates, so you might get x2 dmg vs fire or 1/2 dmg vs ice. Imagine also that bosses were slower, more deadly, and very hard to fight without an element affordance. You would have to constantly switch between pushing different lanes, not to “manage your accounts” but because you want the toys offered by the plate a bit further on the lane.