CGD Podcast Episode #52 – Start of Season 2!

I’ve been talking for awhile about giving my show an upgrade. This episode, which is number 52, represents the first significant step in that direction. I spent more time working on this episode, developing segments, working on audio and various other features, than I have on any previous episode. I hope that it shows, and that each episode feels like more of a thing.

This show has three major sections:

  • a Theory section, where I talk about variable match lengths and “good complexity”
  • a Design Journal section, wherein I give the rundown on all the projects I’m working on, and some of the design challenges I’m facing with some of them
  • a “Fun Stuff” section, in which I first highlight a good design move in a videogame. You heard that right: I say something nice about a modern videogame on this podcast. Also, in a bit of an experimental feature, I give some “prompts” for a Paper Prototype Challenge. If it goes well, we could do one every episode.

Other than that, we have a new logo, new music, and more. Future episodes will also have short 20 minute mini-interviews with people I work with or chat about game design with, probably from the Discord channel.

For the paper prototype challenge, I used this google doc for the mechanism, and this noun-generator for the nouns. Don’t forget to use the hashtag #CGDPodcast if you post on social media with your paper prototype.

If you haven’t checked it out, check out Advance Plants on