“Easy” Games, with Brett Lowey

Today on the Clockwork Game Design Podcast I have an interview with game developer & designer Brett Lowey (AKA BrickRoadDX), the lead (and only!) developer at BrainGoodGames. Under this company he has made a number of cool, interesting and fun single player strategy games which you should definitely check out (here they all are on Steam!)

On the podcast we talk basically the entire time about how to design “easy” games—a term that Brett and I both agree is NOT the right term for what we’re referring to, given that it suggests something about difficulty (and that’s not what we’re talking about). We mean it, for the purposes of this podcast, to refer to games that suggests to players that it should (or must?) be played from the hip, or loosely. We get into more detail in the episode, so please listen and let me know what you think.

Thanks Brett for doing the podcast, and make sure to check out his games if you haven’t already!

Thank you for listening, and thank you so much to my Patrons, who make this show possible!