Escape the Omnochronom Official Steam Launch!

Escape the Omnochronom! version 1.0 is now live on Steam! I’m pretty happy with where it is now – one of the best features is the ranks being listed on the main screen. Please let me know what you think so far! Here’s the patch notes!

– Lemon disabled for now
– New item: Staff. Deals 250 damage to all monsters and enemy minions on the map. 3 charges. Twice as rare than other items.
– The first two Guardians that spawn have slightly nerfed health (80% and 90% of normal).
– Golem base attack damage reduced from 25 to 23
– Golem throw distance increased from 7 ro 5
– Ninja attack damage increased from 43 to 50
– Tanks can be pushed/uppercutted
– Title screen now has rank listed under Play and Quickplay modes
– Throw Rock buffed (30 to 80 damage)
– Scrolls should be much cheaper now (maybe even worth it!)
– Fixed several bugs
– Out of early access!
– New logo!


As always, thanks so much to my Patrons for their support!