Escape the Omnochronom! Version 0.7 Patch Notes

This is a big one! Two main goals with this patch: balance and clarity.

For a long time, there have been a few things about this game that no one really understood but me. Some stuff was just too disconnected and weird. There actually was a cool system for how Guardians spawned and how the side lane towers interconnected with the top lane towers in spawning Guardians. But it was just too weird and impenetrable a system, unfortunately. Similar was the idea that an item spawned where the Guardian originally spawned, rather than just spawning when the Guardian dies.

Similarly problematic was the whole “lane chests” concept. It’s just super unintuitive to players to think that a minion will unlock

Also, the Tesla Cart was good in theory, and probably worked fine for players who already knew what was going on, but was just a confusing strange road block for new players.

A few things need to be revisited later, like zones are weird now (they don’t mean too much) and side lanes, it should be clear that there is no reason to push them all the way out.

I think this version should be far more balanced and clear. Please give it a shot and let me know what you think!


Patch Notes


  • Scrolls are much, much cheaper now
  • Globes are now worth 2 points of attack each
  • There will no longer be scrolls of smashing, which didn’t make much sense
  • Lane chests removed



  • Vaults are gone. Guardians now spawn from destroying an enemy tower
  • Guardians drop items every time
  • Monsters now drop items – one every 10-13 monsters, ~500-800 value
  • Forest now spawns way MORE monsters, so it’s a good way to get treasure that way. Super Skeletons will be a bit more rare.
  • Monsters generally nerfed
  • Dragon removed from forest
  • Spawn Minion card now spawns a Pusher Minion (so no more exploit wins) and costs more to use
  • Tesla Cart removed from the game (for now)



  • You now deal random criticals with your basic attacks (2x damage)
  • 2 more enemy towers on each lane
  • Minimap tweaked
  • Removed base wall
  • Towers deal about 10% less damage
  • Significantly more Crystals awarded in play and quickplay. This also scales based on the length of the match
  • New difficulty scaling for ranks