Escape the Omnochronom! Version 0.8 Patch Notes

This is a balance patch, mostly, although a bit of “cleanup”. In general I’ve been in meat-cleaver mode with this game, hacking huge pieces away at it and trying to make it work. I think each version should be becoming significantly more playable. This, I think, should be far and away the most playable version of this game yet.

Also there were a couple of really big, weird bugs that had been plaguing the game for a long time that have been cleaned up – like the game would lie to players about which rank they were playing at.

  • Overall retuning of the difficulty level balance – game should actually be easy at low levels now finally
  • Fixed the rank display which was bugged in several areas
  • Rank display is now top left at all times
  • Monsters and guardians now pass their first turn, so no getting chopped by a Ninja the instant you kill a tower
  • Defender Minions removed entirely
  • Machine block health bar is now in the correct position
  • You spawn a bit higher up.
  • From your spawn point up in the jungle won’t spawn monsters anymore, so you’re safe there (no more getting MOBBED at spawn)
  • Respawn point now matches spawn point
  • Item drops improved slightly, and also made a bit more varied
  • Golems can now be uppercutted