Just four days left until the Dragon Bridge Kickstarter goes LIVE! WOO! Today’s card is BAIT.

The internationally recognized “bait” symbol

With BAIT, we’re gonna talk about its Dragon Box (the bottom section) first, because that’s what’s most important about it usually. It is the only card in the game that has three Dragon Orbs – nearly half of the required seven orbs in one single card! This can make a Nest that has 5 cards and seems like it is likely to “roost” (reset – when there are 6 cards there but less than 7 orbs, the cards just all reshuffle into the deck) suddenly cause the dragon to switch sides after all. Since you have four cards, and there are a few cards down on the table, you’ll often have a decent idea of where this card might be at any given time, and you should use that information!

So yeah, that’s the big effect, is suddenly dropping three dragon orbs down at one moment. But it also has another effect – its action, “take any card in the Dragon Stack” – which does two things:

  • This is not a “you may”, it’s a command, so you have to do it if there is one. This means that a lot of time you’ll end up having to take a 1-orb or even sometimes a 2-orb that’s down there, mitigating the dragon-orb-power of this card. (Note that sometimes you can play it and take a 0-orb card and it’s fine.)
  • This also allows you to gain more control over which cards are in your hand (or which cards are NOT in your opponent’s). A lot of Dragon Bridge is about denying your opponent certain cards under certain conditions. But yeah: you can pick up a specific card that you need, especially if you play this near the end of a Nest (which is usually the best time to do it!)

Finally, Bait’s power means that the dragon only needs 5 dragon orbs to fly (switch sides). However each time a player gains an item, this number actually increases, so early game this will be a quick flip/flip-back, and later on it could become even like a “9-orb-requirement” thing that makes the dragon stay put for a long time.

That’s about it for Bait! Thanks for reading and you’ll hear again from me tomorrow!