Free-to-play, Gacha games and game design discourse with Dan Felder

Hello everyone and welcome to the 91st episode of the CLOCKWORK GAME DESIGN PODCAST! Today’s guest is Dan Felder, a game designer who has worked at several studios, including EA, Blizzard, and Abrakam Games, where he worked on the popular CCG, Faeria. He also has written a bunch of game design articles on game balance, tabletop game design, and free-to-play games – which was really the topic that made me want to have him on most of all. We had a good conversation; I was sort of expecting it to be more of a debate, and perhaps it should have been, but I think Dan is a good bit more confident in his positions on these things than I am, and I’m also not *exactly* sure what precisely we disagree about. That all said, he’s definitely someone I’d like to have on again at some point to talk about this more, once I’ve made my own thoughts a bit more concrete.

EDIT: My apologies, there was an audio error about an hour in on the podcast; it has been FIXED as of now!

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