General March Update

Today I’d like to fill people in on a few things that I’ve been working on in a quick blog post. Here goes!

  • The new release date for my book, Clockwork Game Design, is now May 28th.
  • I recently wrote two significant posts for about Auro and the huge rebalancing/changes job we’re doing for that game’s 1.29 update, which should be coming out soon. Here’s part 1, and part 2 – both definitely of interest to a reader of this site.
  • I stopped posting about them here (should I continue? Tell me in the comments), but I’m up to Episode 9 of 3 Minute Game Design now. Watch all episodes here.
  • The Patreon campaign is doing alright – it had a big spike up front but it’s mostly been reducing over time. I’m looking for any possible ways to get it some more exposure and make it more appealing, so if you have ideas, let me know.

As always, thanks for reading, and let me know what you’d like to see in the future for the site, the Patreon campaign, or anything else.

  • Yeager

    Would love to see updates here when new 3 Minute Game Design videos go up.

  • Charlie

    Hmmm, just updated with the balancing changes…not entirely convinced (snowball not pushing back by one is a particular bug bear as reduces a valuable ranged attack)

  • Ok, will do that in the future then!

  • Well, it turns snowball from an “instant kill shotgun move” into more of a tactical tool, which I think is OK to do since you now always have your ultimate. Firstly, you *can* still get the same functionality out of it due to the freezing and the adding of the floe, it just costs more time now. Also, you’ll now consider using it to just freeze a monster and take him out of commission for a bit. I definitely understand the skepticism on this change – it’s way less “reptile-brain-fun”, but I think it’s ultimately better for the game.

    Read the full patch notes here if you haven’t by the way:

    We also do a podcast where we talk about changes, including snowball.

  • Charlie

    OK – I’ll go with that, it does make it more challenging and probably more fun. One more thing to raise, the way Foxy and Lich’s come to life seem to mean that it’s an automatic 1 barrier cost when you encounter them – not sure this is the intent as they used to have a a couple of turns of warm up first. Thanks for the reply – really enjoy the game so it’s great to understand the thought process.

  • Hmm – actually, you should double check that and let me know. In 1.29 all actors including liches should spend 1 turn “waking up” when you first approach them. We *definitely* don’t want any automatic unfair barrier costs upon encounter so let me know if that’s confirmed as happening.