GWT 1.25 patch notes – The Neverending Party and more!

This patch note list is a lot bigger, really, than it appears – like the second bullet point about improvement to UI elements, there could be 20 bullet points in there. Overall it’s a huge patch with a ton of improvements to the game, but of course the biggest thing is the introduction of the NEVERENDING PARTY (read more about them here). Check them out and let me know what you think!

Also, I’ll be streaming TODAY, playing with the new faction at from 1PM to 4PM EST! I hope you’ll come by.

Version 1.25
– The Neverending Party has been added to the game! Currently the faction has 6 units: it will get a 7th soon sometime this week as we figure out what the faction needs. Read up on all their abilities in the Faction Select to find out more about them.
– Significant improvements to many UI elements.
– “Autocast” abilities (those with no target) now require a second click on the unit for confirmation.
– A rework to Capturing: a large capture button appears at the bottom of the screen when you can use the Capture action now. It is removed from both the playfield and the UI.
– Health and Action Points are now visible in numeric form as well as visually.
– Gems are now distributed more evenly around the map.
– Enemies are now more likely to be positioned around rescues.
– Bottom right rescue moved up and right a little bit.
– Fixed a bunch of tooltips and other details.
– “Inanimate” is now a buff, which should make things more clear in a few cases.
– A large overhaul to how ranged attacks work; should have improved clarity for most abilities.
– Some improvements to Bill Milton’s display.
– Heavies no longer instantly kill when bounced on top of a unit – now they do 4 damage (similar to when they ram things).
– Fixed a long standing bug with the counter-attack panel not showing enemy stat bonuses from levels.