Push the Lane


Hi there! This site needs to be updated seriously, because the game has undergone some serious changes! I’m hoping to get the game out this summer. – Keith

It’s Rogue-like single-player DotA!

Push the Lane! is a turn based strategy game set in a unique quirky fantasy universe. Choose a character and face off against four randomly selected opponents on a randomly generated map. Fight monsters, collect gold, complete quests, buy items, and above all: Push the Lane! Your base is surrounded by four lanes, each of which has minions streaming in, and in order to win, you must defend your base and destroy the enemy towers.


  • A bunch of fun characters to play with their own special powers
  • Lots of cool items to collect and unlock, with random ones available each game
  • Smart, balanced procedural generation presents an interesting but fair challenge every time
  • Single-player Elo system keeps the game challenging and fun at any level of play
  • Beautiful portrait paintings by Fariza Dzatalin
  • Colorful pixel art
  • Innovative, deep gameplay from designer Keith Burgun ([i]Auro: A Monster-Bumping Adventure, 100 Rogues[/i])
  • Original, melodic soundtrack




Thanks for reading! Follow Push the Lane on Twitter and Facebook for more updates. Email pushthelane@keithburgun.net with inquiries!