Strategy Can Be Fun – Soren Johnson on OLD WORLD

Today I bring you one of the world’s more renowned strategy videogame designers – the designer of Civilization IV, one of the most beloved in the series (probably my favorite one still), and the founder of Mohawk Games, who created Offworld Trading Company, and most recently, Old World. Old World has been out for awhile on EGS, and is coming to Steam this Thursday. I definitely recommend it – certainly for all Civ fans, but also for anyone who can appreciate watching a talented designer evolve a project. In this case, that project is the 4X project, one that I do have some strong critiques for, but I can’t deny I’ve enjoyed for thousands and thousands of hours in my life; and which I also can’t deny is a super-important and influential design pattern in videogames.

Please enjoy this conversation, and then go check out Old World if you haven’t already.

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