ESCAPE THE OMNOCHRONOM! Version 0.6 Patch Notes

A small, but significant patch. This patch has a few new items, some major balance tweaks, and one crucial bug fix. This patch should be available on Steam and tomorrow.



  • Starting gold increased from 300 to 700.
  • Monster spawn group size slightly reduced overall
  • Monster spawn rate slightly reduced overall
  • Tennor’s Cardioid Blast damage increased significantly
  • Tennor’s Jump damage increased significantly
  • Jelly health reduced slightly
  • Winchip’s health increased slightly
  • Item prices tweaked significantly. Consumables should be more of a reasonable purchase now.



  • Two new suffixes added:
    • “Of Smashing” – has no active ability. You deal 50 bonus damage to towers when you have an “Of Smashing” item – but it is also the most expensive suffix at $550.
    • “Of Swapping” – swap places with an adjacent unit.



  • Major bug with item cooldowns not filling up properly fixed.
  • “Ring” graphic now looks like a ring – now how about that?
  • Item slots now appear properly on the UI
  • Items in item shop are no longer darkened out improperly