CGD Episode 57: Smoothness in game design (and other topics)

Hi everyone! Here is episode 57 of the Clockwork Game Design Podcast, where I give a bunch of updates on the games I’m devvin’. I talk a bunch about progress on both my Gem Wizards games and many of the game design struggles, particularly with the card game, which I’m deep in the design-weeds and design-caves on. I also played Res Arcana, which was pretty helpful in a bunch of both “what to do” and also “what not to do” ways.

Enjoy the show!

At the end of the show I also gave a shoutout to a bunch of other Patrons you should check out. Here’s the list for your convenience!

Extended Play (John Harris’ game history magazine)

Tania Henderson (amazing constructive anatomy drawing tutorials)

Happy Snake (duh, he’s the best, where have you been???)

Brett Lowey (fantastic single player strategy dev who uses SINGLE PLAYER ELO)

Dinofarm Games (my other game dev studio making Alakaram, the spiritual sequel to Auro)

Jenny Bee (visual storytelling/game dev/indie TV show creator)

As always, you can support this show by visiting my patreon, here. Thanks again!